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What we do

Investment Fraud Investigation

Investment fraud involves the illegal sale or purported sale of financial instruments. We investigate thoroughly any investment fraud brought to us thereby giving you a chance to recover your funds.

Dating Scam Investigation

This is popularly known as catfish scam. Our team is made up of professional detectives using cutting edge technology and hacks to track down a scammer. It is also possible to recover your funds.

Binary Options Recovery

Our team is made up of industry professionals who know exactly how to get your money back in the shortest time-frame from any binary options website. Our goal here is simple, we will fight for your rights and get your money back from online trading scams. 

Chasescam recovering lost assets since 2001. We stand against all forms of scam.

About Us

Chasescam is an investigative body that comprises police detectives, investigation experts, and research professionals. We mainly deal with binary options recovery and investment fraud. We use highly targeted and strategic methods which allow us to take back control and expose their flaws, making us almost unbeatable. Our years of expertise grant you the highest success rate of 95%.

We leave no stone unturned and flexible in our approach using cutting edge technology and digital hack solutions.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I lost my Business to a loan scam. It was the toughest years of my life. I got my life back thanks to Chasescam

Lin Su, Businessman

This agency are exceptional. Not only are the staff totally understanding, kind and caring, I also got the results I needed. I am so impressed with this company.

James brown

I was scammed for a huge amount of money, devastated I started to search for help. I emailed Chasescam and a recovery expert contacted me, and within a few weeks I got all of my money back.

Willson White, Mechanic

Chasescam was extremely supportive throughout the ordeal of trying to recover some of my scammed funds. Ultimately They succeeded in recovering more that half of the money that I had lost. Their professionalism and considerable experience enabled them to achieve a successful outcome for me. I recommend Chasescam.

Akeem Omma, Freelancer

After being seriously scammed by an unlicenced Binary trading manager, given big promises, but losing trades. I thought my savings were lost for ever until contacting Chasescam. their great knowledge of the industry and intuitive tactics got most of my money back for which I am very greatful. I would recommend you contact them if you have had a similar experience with these traders, they will get you results.

Dray Potter, CEO @ Wayne Digital Studio


Did your bank tell you that you can’t get my money back because you lost it trading? File your case with us, and we guaranty the recovery of your money.  Visit us at

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